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Round-up of the current state of Chatbots

Posted on décembre 17th, 2017.

1. Chatbots are freely available, with many operating through Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger is rapidly increasing in popularity, and many organisations now provide services using Messenger via chatbots. Whether you want reminders, weather forecasts, share price updates, or sports news, there is a chatbot app that can provide it, and many more. All customers have to […]



Create a bot with the Bot Builder SDK for Node.js

Posted on décembre 14th, 2017.

The Bot Builder SDK for Node.js is a framework for developing bots. It is easy to use and models frameworks like Express & restify to provide a familiar way for JavaScript developers to write bots. This tutorial walks you through building a bot by using the Bot Builder SDK for Node.js. You can test the […]