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Using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for .NET in a Xamarin.Forms application

Posted on janvier 9th, 2018.

Amazon SimpleDB is a web service that provides the ability to store and query data in Amazon’s cloud. This article explains how to use the AWS SDK for .NET to query, create, replace, and delete data stored in a SimpleDB service. SimpleDB services use a request and response model familiar to consumers of REST services. […]


Artificial Intelligence

How to Call Computer Vision API – Microsoft Cognitive Services

Posted on décembre 15th, 2017.

This walkthrough demonstrates how to call Computer Vision API using REST. The samples are written both in C# using the Computer Vision API client library, and as HTTP POST/GET calls. We will focus on:+ How to get « Tags », « Description » and « Categories ». How to get « Domain-specific » information (celebrities). Prerequisites Image URL or path to locally stored […]



Create a bot with the Bot Builder SDK for Node.js

Posted on décembre 14th, 2017.

The Bot Builder SDK for Node.js is a framework for developing bots. It is easy to use and models frameworks like Express & restify to provide a familiar way for JavaScript developers to write bots. This tutorial walks you through building a bot by using the Bot Builder SDK for Node.js. You can test the […]


Web Development

Integrating Angular 4 Unit Tests with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

Posted on juillet 10th, 2017.

One of the nice features of Angular 4 (and Angular 2 before it) is the introduction of the Angular CLI (command line interface). I like to think of it as a style guide coming straight from the Angular team. But more importantly, it takes care of all the ceremony that accompanies building an Angular application […]


Web Development

Getting Started with Node.js, Angular, and Visual Studio Code

Posted on juillet 8th, 2017.

Here is a simple step by step guide to getting your Angular application setup with Visual Studio Code and Node. This guide will simply help you know what to install, the commands to run in PowerShell, and some basics about where to start building your app using Visual Studio Code. Install Node JS with default […]